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The 3 Social Sins that Fail Your Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing
Its Social Media and Not Sell-on-Media!
Social Media is the way forward for any business today. But a lot of businesses, small or big fail drastically at Social Media Management. While entrepreneurs and professionals might consider themselves ‘social’, managing Social Media is no kids play. We’ve taken a look at several things that lead to SMM failure; the key ones have been outlined below
digital marketing mistakesJack of All Trades and Master of None
Alas! Most businesses end up having a profile for their business on all available Social platforms. While we understand that the so-called Social Experts suggest that route, in reality it is a complete failure. To gain valuable following for your Social Media platform, it is important to focus on one platform at a time based on the following of your audience.
All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy
Well! This holds true for most businesses that use Social Media platforms to sell their products and services. Let’s get it right. Social Media is about building relationships. While your audience wants to know about your services and products, they also want to connect and relate with you. The word ‘social’ is there for a reason. So talk, chat and gain feedback from your audience, rather than just bursting them with information.
A Stitch in Time Saves Nine
It’s good that you are active on Social Media, but do you realize that most of the things you do is also what your competitor does? Do your business a favor. Find an edge, an angle, a competition, an interaction mechanism just about anything that no one else is exploring it and exploit it. Repeating the same content like the others will do no good for your business on any platform whether it is online or offline!
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