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10 Steps to Increase Search Engine Rankings

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10 Steps to Increase Search Engine Rankings

10 steps - 10 Steps to Increase Search Engine Rankings
Every site owner dreams to achieve high search engine rankings. It’s not rocket science, it is achievable. If other site owners are doing, even you can do. The simple mantra is, you first need to find the right keyphrases to target. Then, create content around those keyphrases that is optimized with well-written titles, meta tags, headers, and body text. Finally, build inbound links and PageRank by tirelessly promoting your site. Have you missed the previous publication “SEO Guide” by Zubair and my blog about  “PPC or SEO, which is the best approach?”
In this blog, I would like to introduce you to 10 steps you should always do for each article you publish, if you follow these guidelines, I bet your content will be highly placed in SERPs.
Step 1: Determine Your Keyword Phrases:
First and foremost, find the right keyword, and keyword phrase. The Google Keyword Planner is your bet, if you can spend some money, then there are several tools, Wordtracker  does a pretty good job. First, start with a list of keywords that you want to target with your website/content. Next, expand that list by brainstorming about other phrases, don’t forget to look at your competitor sites.
Step 2: Sort by Popularity: Now that you’ve got an exhaustive list of keywords, sort them by popularity. Again google keyword planner will come to your rescue or any paid tool would be your choice. (Make sure your paid tools can, performs a competitive analysis of the keywords, calculates the keyword effectiveness, choose multiple search engines, and performs a search count and computes the number of result pages)
Step 3: Refine Keyword Phrases and Re-Sort:
Next, refine your keyphrases by pruning out keywords that aren’t related to your subject area, that are not specific enough, or that are ambiguous.
Step 4: Write a Title Using the Top Two or Three Phrases:
The title tag is the most important component of your web page for search engine rankings. Craft a natural, sentence-like title that describes the page content.
Step 5: Write a Description Meta Tag:
Although the importance of meta tags for search engine rankings are decreasing, it is still important to write a good description meta tag because search engines prefer the description meta tag in their SERPs.
Step 6: Write a Keywords Meta Tag:
The keywords meta tag describes the content of the page at hand and should reflect keywords in the body text of the page. Create your keywords tag using your master keywords list and the visible words in your page.
Step 7: Make Search-Friendly Headlines: After title tags, headlines are the most important component of web pages for search engine rankings. Because search engines and screen readers key off structural headers for headlines.

Step 8: Add Keywords Tactically:

  • Include keywords in:
  • The first couple of sentences of your visible text
  • Headlines and sub-headlines
  • Links and anchor text
  • Page URIs
  • Filenames
  • ALT text
Step 9: Create Valuable Keyword-Focused Content:
Content is still king on the Web. When they are ranking sites, search engines look for a lot of themed content on particular topics. Publishing a large amount of informative and valuable content that is keyword-optimized will give your site more chances to rank for different keywords, and will help your overall rankings.
Step 10: Build Inbound Links with Online Promotion:
Now that your website is keyword-optimized, it is time to build up your inbound links. Promoting your site to build more inbound links than your competitors, especially from high PageRank sites, is the most important way to increase your search engine rankings.
Conclusion, if you are unable to do the above, then its even simpler, contact me and we take care the rest.
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