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Does Size Matter? Dilemma of right Google Display Banner size resolved

Does Size Matter? Dilemma of right Google Display Banner size resolved

size - Does Size Matter? Dilemma of right Google Display Banner size resolved

There is a saying, it’s not hard to win the race when you know how to win it.

Are you spending on display advertising as one of your digital marketing strategies? Then you would be in the same dilemma like me, and you’ll want to know which banner sizes are the most effective to generate clicks and conversions.
As a Designer and a Digital Marketer, I have always gone through this and I simply would design and use all the sizes allowed. Another good reason to use all available sizes was the fact that Publishers always had the choice of sizes they wanted to feature on their websites. If you pick the wrong banner sizes as an advertiser, you limit the reach of your ad campaigns.
The hands on experience I gained and the data analysis of all the data collected during the past few years and additionally support and tips from the ever generous digital community, I come to the below conclusion that 3 banner sizes will help you win the race, as these three banner sizes (300-250), (728-90) and (160-600) comprise a whopping 78% of all served ad impressions. (See Image below)
Banner Size for Google Display

The top 10 banner sizes make up 90% of all ad impressions.


I start my display ads by focusing on the top 3 banner sizes and then expand from there. Well before you expand on the rest of the sizes, an important tip, after you implement this three size, next big thing you will do is add the mobile banner, the most popular in this category is 300 by 50, some research suggest that growth of this banner is 302 percent in 2015. Also you could consider adding 320 by 100 large mobile banner, since this is getting popular these days.

As per google’s optimization tips, google says, the following,
The sizes we’ve found to be the most effective are the 336×280 large rectangle, the 300×250 medium rectangle, the 728×90 leaderboard, the 300×600 half page, more details here. Google has also gone a step ahead to make your activation experience better, and have published an article to help you choose ad sizes that best complement your pages, click here
Also don’t forget if you are going to advertise in specific site only, then perhaps you need to check the ad sizes of that particular site, as there is no “one size fits all theory when it comes to display ads”.
Finally a tip for the designer, do not forget to add a “Call to Action” phrase, eg: Read More, Shop Now, Learn More, Register Now, Sign Up Now, etc etc. and focus on your end user who will view the artwork and then take an action, so try to design something to get your target audience attention.
Watch this space for more digital marketing articles, if you like it drop a line and if you could add more statistics and info, please drop me a line, so I can add in the next edit.
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Altaf Hussein df
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