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PPC or SEO, which is the best approach

ppc - PPC or SEO, which is the best approach
Let’s Face it, and Let’s Accept it. The truth is consumers have already shifted from analogue to digital medium. Digital is the future of marketing, if it’s not already. People are consuming more digital data per minute than they consume oxygen. Refer to the below image, the image is courtesy Domo.
images blog article 2015 10 Oct seo ppc - PPC or SEO, which is the best approachThere is no denying the fact, that traffic is the lifeline of the digital marketing, and getting traffic to your website need talent, even if it’s PPC you need talent.
In this blog, I would like to continue from my friend Zubair’s blog, and add new element to it.  “SEO versus PPC”, which one is better?
I’m often bombarded with this question, my honest answer is “always together is best” (may be this is because I come from a large Indian joint family). Though I’m a big fan of PPC (business minded) but on a long run if you want to build the trust of your consumer you will have to invest on SEO. (If you aren’t aware of these lingos, then head to my earlier blog, everything explained here)
There is no doubt that SEO and PPC are the two of the most powerful traffic generating approaches, but both need different techniques and approach as both are entirely different concepts though the end results are same. (Looking for free SEO/PPC consultancy, drop me an email)
I’m not going to make it boring with in-depth details about PPC and SEO, rather in this blog I would like to touch base with just few good things about these two approaches. The bad and the ugly may be I will save it for future blog.

SEO, why and what’s good about it.

  1. Long-term Impact, where the results are permanent.
  2. PR Building, Brand Identity, as SEO is heavily dependent on quality content.
  3. Build Trust and Credibility.
  4. Improve Page Ranking.
  5. High CTRs.
  6. Cost Effectiveness.
  7. High Return on Investment.

PPC, why and what’s good about it.

  1. Faster Results, immediate and consistent results.
  2. Targeted Audience and Targeted Reach and above all tracking.
  3. Non Dependency on Search Algorithmic.
  4. PPC can give hints to SEO team on keyword conversions.
  5. Compete with bigger companies and competitor’s insights.
  6. Good for time sensitive offers.
  7. Dominate search results, as you pay only for clicks.
  8. Relevance.
Hope this blog will be helpful for new digital marketers, and help you in executing your strategies. As usual, you can always email me for free tips, and consultations and if you like it please do share this article. And if you would like to contribute or add more to any of the articles in this site, please feel free to write to us.
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Altaf Hussein df
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