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The Best Email Marketing Software for 2016

email marketing - The Best Email Marketing Software for 2016

The debate continues whether email marketing is dead or alive or is it even worth, the most obvious answer is email marketing is one of the best digital marketing approach to be considered. Since everyone as adapted to the strong content marketing approach, email is more powerful than ever.

As someone who constantly providing digital marketing automation solutions, I truly believe that quality sales opportunities and leads can be generated through email marketing, provided you are doing it rightly.

email marketing1

In my previous article I have listed few stats about email marketing, and reasons why you should adopt it. (read if you haven’t read it yet)

As foretold in my former article, here are some of the best email software you can reckon, these picks are based on my personal choice and survey conducted inside the digital marketing circles I belong to.

You are free to select from the 251 email marketing applications listed by Capterra as I don’t want to be biased about the below listed apps.

Before you consider any of the listed or unlisted software, please ensure that what works well in email marketing is “value exchange, your valuable information for your prospect’s valued time. Your subscribers need to know they can trust you… that you’re not a soulless self-promoting spam-bot”.

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Don’t forget that good email content deepens your relationship with your audience through effective subject line writing (which get your messages opened); your distinctive voice (which gets your messages read); and delivering quality, niche-specific content your prospect needs and shares with others (which inspires referrals and word-of-mouth).

If you are looking for a complete free self hosted email solutions, I would suggest you to get your hands dirty with phpList, this is one of the powerful open source email automation application out there.

001 icontact
003 pinpoint
004 getresponse
005 constantcontact
 Constant Contact
006 verticalresponse
Vertical Response
  007 mailgen
  008 graphicmail
Graphic Mail
  009 campaigner
  010 madmini
Mad Mimi
  011 mailchimp
Mail Chimp
  012 campaign monitor
Campaign Monitor
  013 emailbrain
Email Brain
  014 streamsend
Stream Send
  015 Awebber
  016 send in blue
Send in Blue
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