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Why measure your marketing campaigns?

measure - Why measure your marketing campaigns?
Few years ago, who would have thought that digital marketing will take over the traditional mass media advertising system? I remember back in 2006 a healthy conversation with my then CEO of a publishing house about having parallel digital versions of all our publications. I couldn’t convince him completely, but enforced to have digital eMag in an interactive flip version. We were the first publication house in the UAE to have a digital flip version of our entire collections, including archives.
images blog article 2015 10 Oct Chart Norway Tops the U.S. in Digital Ad Spend 300x214 - Why measure your marketing campaigns?No doubt UAE is emerging as the fastest digital marketing hub, thanks to the eGovernance Initiatives. Though Norway is home to digital advertisers that spend the most money per Internet user, you will not be surprised to see UAE in that list soon.
Marketers should go where their audiences are, and today its digital. I’m not saying other traditional marketing methods don’t work, they do, but can you measure it?
Why Measure:
Haven’t you heard what, John Wanamaker said “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”
The real beauty of digital marketing is that you will be able to extract data from your efforts and see the results of your hard work in real time.
Another reason why people like me pursue digital spending more than traditional spending is the ability for us to understand our clients. Which products interests the consumers, how many hours did he/she spend on the product page.  What is the geographic profile? What’s their demography? Which advertisement produced the best click through rate? What’s the traffic source? The click through rate (CTR). Understand the bounce rate. Rate of return visitors. The cost to acquire a customer. The digital experience of the customer can be measured from multiple touch points, the possibilities are limitless and there are many ways to calculate advertising ROI precisely.
Tools to Measure:
Many marketers often make the mistake of spending too much time on “vanity” metrics gathered from social media channels. My advice is don’t spend your time and effort on vanity metrics, until and unless these metrics can be converted into revenue. Don’t forget social media is a tool, and very small part of your digital marketing strategy. Your focus metrics should be “Traffic Metrics”, “Conversion Metrics”, and “Revenue Metrics”. And if time and resources permits, there are many other avenues you can analyse.
Choosing the right type of tools to measure your metrics can be daunting for digital marketers, my unbiased professional suggestion would be “Google Analytics”, once you master the depth of this tool you can invest time in other free tools or trial versions before you invest your money on more sophisticated tools. I have been using Google Analytics for over 7 years and I haven’t explored everything.
The Google Analytics Standard covers almost everything you need and their recently launched Google Analytics Premium is a power house.
Before you think I’m promoting google through my blogs, let me give you a list of alternative tools for your web analytics.
Except Adobe Marketing Cloud, Tableau I have used all other below tools, and feel free to contact me if you need support, tips or troubleshooting for the below applications.
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Altaf Hussein df
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