You Tube one of the most significant digital marketing tool

Why YouTube is so significant in your marketing plan?

Why YouTube is so significant in your marketing plan?

youtube - Why YouTube is so significant in your marketing plan?

As time in front of the TV declined last year, 18-49 year-olds’ time on YouTube jumped 44%, according to Nielsen’s Google-commissioned analysis, principally due to mobile viewership.

What does that mean to us as marketers? As marketers, our job is to drive reach and engagement with our brands, now that video consumption has gone from primetime to all-the-time, the time for brands to make sense of what mobile means for their video content strategy is now. And including YouTube in your media plan is more than appealing.

Why YouTube is so significant?

A few years ago, TV time had always been at war at my house, my two little boys wanting to watch their cartoons, and my wife her daily soaps and me just about sports and news. Today, we can each watch exactly what we want, when we want, thanks to the supercomputers in our pockets and thanks to YouTube.

  • Online video can be a lot more than an awareness driver. New research shows that YouTube not only drives brand metrics throughout the consumer journey, but also boosts potential for a positive return on ad spend compared to TV.
  • Some other study suggests in a few years down the line, 70% world TV viewers will not subscribe to a pay TV service. I have just unsubscribed to my pay TV service.
  • By 2017, 74% of all internet traffic will be video, and with mobile watch time on YouTube already surpassing desktop in 2015. (Source: YouTube Global Data, 2015, phone and tablet)
  • Three hundred hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, so when we turn to our mobile devices to watch video, we can choose from a nearly limitless library of on-demand content, which indeed makes what we choose to watch more personal than ever
  • With over 500 million active users, there is no more honorable place for making your brand more visible and communicating with other users.
  • YouTube has developed a platform that facilitates both an accessible video library and effective promotion.

In my last blog about marketing trends for 2016, you can read “how can brands capitalize on video micro-moments”?

Should my YouTube strategy be good contents oriented or do I invest in YouTube Ads?

I often get these questions during my sessions and talks, my approach for the last 4 to 5 years have been 80-20. I invest my clients money to produce 80% value added video contents (ads and brand awareness) and 20 percent on YouTube ads to capitalise on the 4 billion videos viewed each day.

Be sure not to arrive at the same mistake most business owners do, do not focus on producing your content or ads with “get it viral” mentality. Please be aware just few people have the perfect formula for virality, and the more you make this goal your solo focus, the less authentic and compelling your videos will be.

And filming a shaky video on your iPhone and pushing upload won’t do much to help you stand out from the (very dense) crowd. Be creative… Contact me for much deeper understanding of just how YouTube can fold into your marketing campaigns and how you can really master the medium.

Well, here’s some tips and advice:

  • Just tweaking your advertising budget from TV, Cinema & Radio and include YouTube, this combo strategy will increase campaign reach by 46% without spending an additional buck.
  • Boosting existing TV campaigns with YouTube advertising also increases brand metrics. In another recent study of 656 campaigns, brands that added TrueView to TV saw relative lifts of 23%, 18%, and 13% on ad recall, brand awareness, and consideration, respectively, among their YouTube audience. (Source Think with Google)
  • To maximize the reach and effectiveness of your campaign, combine the new tube with the old. Test the YouTube/TV combo to see if it works for your brand. If the best way to reach your biggest audience is, in fact, both ways, revisit media allocations and consider shifting some of the reach and awareness dollars currently allocated to television to YouTube.
  • Shelf-life of your video in other medium is directly linked with your budget, more life, more spending, but YouTube is different. Branded videos on YouTube have a long shelf-life, earning views for months, if not years. TrueView ads on YouTube are a great way to not only promote new video, but to drive viewership of your brand’s past videos, increasing engagement with your brand overall. Imagine four of the top 10 trending videos in 2015 were ads.

Research done by Visible Measures shows that each new video, brands promotes using TrueView, actually drives interest in past content, increasing the ROI of previous investments in video.

If you’re designing to create multiple videos for a campaign, develop a content calendar that’ll guarantee a steady rollout. A “distribution drumbeat” will keep people coming back to all of the videos you’ve worked so hard to create.

By unlocking the full potential of your YouTube advertising, you’re not just getting your money’s worth, you are future-proofing for the next generation of video consumers, who overwhelmingly turn to YouTube—not just preferring it over TV, but over other online options—to watch the videos they love. That’s where the Create, Collaborate, Curate—or what we like to call “CCC”—content framework comes in.

Before I end this blog, I would like to drive your attention to a case study of Johnson and Johnson CLEAN & CLEAR® video campaign.

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