How to keep yourself healthy with the busy life of Dubai

How to keep yourself healthy with the busy life of Dubai?

How to keep yourself healthy with the busy life of Dubai?

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How to keep yourself healthy with the busy life of Dubai?

The “CITY OF GOLD” is known for its exquisite buildings, high standard of living, and lavish lifestyle. As it is known that it has so much to offer, one should keep in mind that health is the ultimate luxury. In this busy life of Dubai, where people are occupied with work, keeping a check on their health is somewhere declining.

Due to the extreme heat and pervasive smoking culture, people face considerable challenges such as obesity, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, and a variety of other ailments. Cardiovascular illnesses take up one-third of the space and are a source of worry for those who live there.

Due to the severe heat, many choose to take cabs rather than walk a short distance, which might lead to health problems. Vitamin D insufficiency occurs as a result of individuals avoiding the sun, leading to further medical problems such as osteoporosis.

Keeping these elements in mind, one should take advantage of and utilize the resources available to them. On the other hand, the administration too has made some moves to make sure that people cut their tobacco consumption, sugary products, and unhealthy treats.

The following are some health and wellness suggestions for Dubai residents:

Benefitting From Parks in Dubai

Parks may be found almost anywhere, and people can readily access and enjoy them. There are many beautiful parks in Dubai. They can be used for running, walking, doing yoga, cycling, etc. As Dubai’s hot and humid weather makes it impossible to train in open areas, people should look for an appropriate time to loosen themselves.

Fluid Intake

As July and August are the warmest months of the year, monitoring fluid intake is a necessity. By maintaining a balanced diet and keeping salt intake into account, a person can reach equilibrium.

Fortified Food

The scorching heat limits people to access some advantages. Fortified food helps them to balance the ratio of vitamins and minerals in the body. Renowned food delivery services can aid in providing healthy meals in Dubai, addressing the problem of delivering a balanced diet.

Dress Code

As per the dress code, men and women wear long clothes, covering their shoulders and knees. This can keep them away from skin-related issues.

Avoiding The Lift

It is very well understood that people will strive hard to save time in this busy lane of life. However, with constant ease comes a slew of drawbacks. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator and taking 10 minutes out of the hectic schedule to go for a walk will enhance health and keep them from being sedentary at work.

No Overeating

Munching on snacks can be exciting. But eating healthy food in an adequate amount is also necessary? Again, just because something is healthy doesn’t mean it won’t cause weight gain. Anything in excess is dangerous.

healthy Dubai - How to keep yourself healthy with the busy life of Dubai?


Ample Water Intake

One of the primary ingredients to put a planet to life is WATER. It is a significant part of our existence. Harmful chemicals can be flushed out of the body if one drinks at least 2 liters of water every day.

No Skipping Breakfast

A recent survey found that 70 percent of the UAE residents skip their breakfasts due to long working hours. By not including breakfast in their daily routine, people are pushing themselves away from a healthy lifestyle. They are depriving themselves of the great driving force that will keep them moving throughout the day. Breakfast should never be skipped. There are many famous breakfast spots in Dubai. You can try one that is nearby your home or office.

Sound Sleep

Everyone has been told that working hard is vital, that working long hours is essential, and that continuing to push oneself is critical. But! People must never jeopardize their emotional well-being. What good is it to have a lot of cash in one’s bank account if mental health is suffering? Prioritizing one’s health over money is fundamental. Sleep is just as essential as hustling.


Health is the overall well-being of an individual. While talking about health, individuals must never ignore mental health. More than 4 percent of the people in Dubai are clinically depressed. Meditating for 15-20 minutes a day will keep the nervous system, senses, and positive energy intact.

Fat Intake

Unsaturated fats are preferred to saturated fats and trans-fats of all kinds. Unsaturated fats found in fish, avocado, nuts, and sunflower are an important energy source, while the trans fats found in potato chips and pizza will only deteriorate health.

High Fiber

Including high fibre food in the daily diet will add bulk to the body and help in flushing out the undigested food. This is a great way to keep the digestive system healthy. High-fiber food includes dried fruits, lentils, whole grains, etc.


Natural antioxidants can be harmful when taken in excess, but the chances of getting any side effects after consuming them are comparatively lower. It helps in reducing the damage caused by oxidation.

Most people around the world think that they are healthy, but the reality is entirely different. Improper sleeping habits, consumption of tobacco and smoking, increased intake of junk food, and lack of exercise are elevating diabetes and hypertension levels.

Dubai will offer you a lavish lifestyle, beautiful beaches, air-conditioned buildings, modernized cars, and much more, but one should be in sound health to make the most of it. There is no greater master than our brain and no extraordinary luxury than our health.

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