Why Your Business Needs a Website? Free Website, Grab Now

Why Your Business Needs a (professional) Website?

why website - Why Your Business Needs a (professional) Website?

why website - Why Your Business Needs a (professional) Website?

What can you literally buy for AED 1 today? What if we say you can get a powerful web hosting, with the free domain name, free one-page website, free SSL. I’m not joking, read below and start your digital journey for AED 1.

July 24th, 2018 is one of the milestones for Ci CORP, this is the day we launched the most affordable web hosting package in the UAE. Not just the most affordable and powerful web host, we also added a free domain, free SSL, free professional email, and offered apache modules and PHP extensions which only a dedicated hosting can boast. Additionally, we added a one-page free website. All this for just AED 1 a day. The new project was launched to support the innovative Smart Dubai Project by Dubai Govt.

Why such a powerful hosting for just AED 1?
free website and seo - Why Your Business Needs a (professional) Website?There are still a lot of small business owners & professionals in the UAE, who do not believe they need a website. They think they can get all their clients from social media channels, not true. Since our core business is digital marketing, we have always emphasized our clients to have a very strong website before they start the digital marketing. Social media is important, but can never replace a website.

If you’re a small business owner or a professional individual, and if you are thinking that website has become obsolete and social media can do everything, you are wrong. If affordability is the reason, we have good news, we are offering a free one-page website with our premium AED 1 hosting.

Here are a few important reasons why you need the website.

  • The moment you have a company website, your business gains credibility
  • Google and other search engines will index your pages and even without an active SEO, your website will be showing up in the search results
  • Your clients can review your products and services even when your store /office is closed, you can always be there for your clients
  • For professionals, it will be a place to showcase your work or demonstrate your skills
    Your company/personal website, you own it, not the companies located in Silicon Valley, you have total control. We have witnessed several high profile social media pages getting shut down
  • Having your own website you can have a professional email address for eg. [email protected] which will resonate well with your clients
  • You can drive traffic from social media to your website and then re-target the users using re-marketing tools
  • Your website can act as customer support. With few ticketing, chatbots and self-help plugins it can enhance to next level of customer service
  • I have been harping about “for professionals”, in this blog, yes, websites do, help your business, but it can help you personally too, to showcase your resume, upload your work, showcase your skills, awards, and everything else in a professional looking page. (Check out our free CV web templates here)

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Altaf Hussein df
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