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Can a Personal Website Help Your Job Search?

job seekers website free - Can a Personal Website Help Your Job Search?

job seekers website free - Can a Personal Website Help Your Job Search?

Due to the global credit crisis, it’s been the most challenging times for those looking for new jobs. Today, we all live in a world of rapid changes and this seems to apply to the job market too. It’s no longer an employee’s market, and job seekers must adapt accordingly.

I’m talking about adapting technology to “find jobs” or the “jobs that find you”. If you’re looking for a job, you likely know that you need a LinkedIn profile, a good resume in pdf format, but have you ever thought about adding a personal website? You might be thinking “Can a Personal Website Help in Job Search?”

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job seekers website - Can a Personal Website Help Your Job Search?

Why Every Job Seeker Need a Personal Website?
A personal website could be your secret arsenal, because, according to Workfolio, 56% of all hiring managers are more impressed by a candidate’s personal website than any other personal branding tool – however, only 7% of job seekers actually have a personal website.

Further, the Founder and CEO of Workfolio adds, “The employment market is an incredibly scary place to be right now as a job seeker—but a personal website offers several important things to improve the odds.”

Before writing this article, I reached out to several hiring managers here in Dubai and the other emirates in the UAE, and most of them said, a personal website with resume online with links to their social media and other work-related links, would send a message that candidate takes their career seriously and they said, candidates with website has more chances of getting hired. If you have missed my previous articles you can read them here, “Is Your Website AI Ready?” “Why Business Needs a Website” and “How Important is SSL Certificate and How to Get One Free

job seekers website2 - Can a Personal Website Help Your Job Search?

What are the benefits of having a personal website for job seekers?
Don’t forget having a personal website for job seekers adds visibility, according to Statista 79.2% of hiring managers uses online recruitment process and the same study suggests 23% of the recruitment was done through a Google Search.

  • Searchability, let the job find you. Having a personal website is like posting your resume everywhere and hiring managers will find your resume faster. You’ll also have greater control over what people find online when they do a Google search on you
  • You’ll get to showcase your capabilities without the space restrictions of a 1- or 2-page resume. You will be able to add keywords to highlight your skills., which will be searchable by Google
  • Because a website is dynamic and interactive — with room for photos, videos, and PDF downloads — you can make your story come alive in a way that’s impossible on paper or even with LinkedIn or any other online recruitment portals.
  • You can use Google Ads or Facebook Ads to promote resume to the right audience.
  • Additionally, you could start your own blog alongside your resume as passion and knowledge are two pillars for a successful career. It is also the traits most sought after by employers. Your website provides the best platform for you to show would-be employers the topics that interest you.

How to build your personal website?
job seekers website3 - Can a Personal Website Help Your Job Search?Thanks to the proliferation of easy-to-use web-based tools and publishing platforms, many of which are free, there’s never been a better time to build your own site. According to ME Registry, which operates the .ME domain name, 42% of people say they’ve struggled (or failed) to establish their own personal website because it’s time-consuming.

Now, what if I say there is a company who will do free websites for you? Yeah exactly, CI CORP is offering free websites, free domain, free SSL, and free email for individuals and SME’s in the UAE and across the GCC.

Ci CORP FZE a Dubai Silicon Oasis based technology company is providing free websites as part of their Smart Dubai Initiative. They have been providing web hosting and web development in Dubai since 2002. They have helped several companies in their IT Infrastructure and Digitalization. They are one of the premium Google partners and many other technology partners.

As part of the Smart Dubai Initiative, Ci CORP has pledged to provide a free website to SME’s and the service is now extended to individuals. The hosting service is charged just AED 1 per day which offers a free website, free domain name, free SSL and free email accounts.

Get Your Free Website Now

Contact the company today if you are looking for a free personal website so that you can show potential employers your personality, creativity, drive and work ethic. Hiring managers will get a better sense of whether you’d be a good fit for their organization. In short, the free website provided by AED 1 Hosting can demonstrate that you’re the right person for the job.

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